Forever Neverland
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Forever Neverland

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September 21, 2019

Vendor and Entertainment Extravaganza

Forever Neverland in memory of Sebastian Zemsta

I, Martha Zemsta (owner or MOSS) know all too well how important Make-A-Wish CNY can be for a family.

My brother Sebastian suffered from leukemia and passed away at the age of 7.5 years old when I was only 2yrs old.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 will be our first Annual event for Sebastian who would be turning 35. To keep his spirit alive, I am putting on a family friendly community event to honor his life and to benefit Make-A-Wish CNY.

Make-A-Wish CNY made Sebastian very happy, he felt privileged and special, and like a king during his final months.

Because of Make-A-Wish CNY Sebastian asked my mom if he could stay 7.5 forever saying he did not want to turn 8 because, "mom most kids don't get to experience everything I've been able to (minus Leukemia) I don't want to turn 8 I want to stay 7.5 forever. Can my spirt stay 7.5 forever mom? I want to live on for 100 or more years but I want my spirt to be 7.5 forever is this possible?." My mom did not know what to say as her 7.5 yr old son approached her with such a question with him unaware of the chances that he may not make it much longer. She took a min, looked at him and said "Sebastian I think anything can be possible"

Sebastian did not want to turn 8, he wanted to stay 7.5 forever because Make-A-Wish made him feel like he was on top of the world.

A few short months later Sebastian struggled to take his last breaths at home, on his bed, with his arms wrapped around my mother and hers around him, as my aunt squeezed his feet and my dad stood near, and as I was to young to understand what was happening, I was outside in our yard playing with a babysitter not realizing that would be the last time I'd see my best friend and brother. Sebastian asked and begged for air but his lungs would no longer allow him to take in. Before losing consciousness he was worried about what would happen to the kid in school that was bullied if he wasn’t there to protect him. Sebastian was a young boy as most everyone says, smart beyond his years with a big heart and a fighter at such a young age. As Sebastian lost consciousness all that was heard was his heart loudly beating for several minutes fighting to stay alive until he slipped away. He struggled and fought till the very end.  He never stopped smiling and being grateful for the life he was able to live thanks to the happiness that make-a-wish cny was able to bring him.

Sebastian received his last wish to remain 7.5 forever. This year (2019) he would be turning 35 and for this years birthday present to my guardian angel and forever best friend I will make sure his wish is completed, his wish for his spirit to live as 7.5 forever and for his name, his memory and his story to live on for 100s of years. So join me with a birthday-inspired bash called Forever Neverland. It's a way to continue to raise awareness about how you can help other children like Sebastian experience a life changing wish and to help me continue to keep Sebastian’s name alive for years to come.

Forever Neverland first annual event kicks off at 11am on Saturday, September 21 and runs till 8pm. 2019’s event will be held on State Street in Phoenix, NY and it is free to attend. Local food vendors, games, crafts, music and activities will all be part of the event.

I HOPE THAT EVERYONE CAN JOIN AND HELP ME RAISE MONEY FOR MAKE-A-WISH CNY AND KEEP SEBASTIAN'S SPIRIT ALIVE. If you are unable to attend please consider donating to Make-A-Wish CNY to help grant wishes for children with critical illnesses as Sebastian. It's truly amazing what wishes can do... give kids renewed energy and strength, bring families closer together and unite communities.

Wish kids are some of the bravest and sweetest kids you'll ever know. They wish to work in a pickle factory, become a superhero, go snorkeling, give their baseball team new uniforms, and push all the buttons in a tall building's elevator. 

Make-A-Wish grants thousands of unique wishes each year.But for every wish granted, another eligible child is waiting for their wish to come true.

Together, we can grant more wishes. 

If you missed our event but would like to Donate to Make-A-Wish CNY in memory of Sebastian Zemsta please click on the link bellow

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