from farm to chair

M.O.S.S. offers several different color options for even the most sensitive clients. We carry two healthy alternatives when coloring our clients hair.  For our most sensitive clients we use our most purest and natural line in the industry, containing non-toxic ingredients we have selected the best, greenest products available ensuring that there will be no compromising of quality and beauty. As an alternative line we carry a no-ammonia line to ensure the salon stays odor-less so that you can enjoy your salon experience with us and leave feeling refreshed and new with no headaches to follow.

To add to your experience we use all natural, organic cleaning supplies so that you can get the most out of your experience without the chemical overload.

- Ammonia Free Color -  PPD & Resorcinol Free - Gluten Free - 100% Grey Coverage - Pleasant Smell - Safe to use when Pregnant -


M.O.S.S. Organic Salon & Spa was established in December of 2015 by Owner and Stylist Martha Zemsta.  Martha began her career after graduating cosmetology school in 2008. While gaining experience in the hair and makeup industry she quickly learned what a negative impact beauty product chemicals have, not only for your hair but overall health and wellness. Striving to make a difference, an opportunity arose and M.O.S.S. was born.

"Making someone feel beautiful is truly rewarding, improving their overall health and quality of their hair is even better." - Martha Zemsta