Highlights $110+:

"Highlights" is a general term that refers to strands of hair that are lighter than the base color that they are being laid upon. It's commonly believed that a highlight is blonde, but actually a highlight only refers to a color that's not as dark as the base strands. Highlights involve sectioning off hair and weaving strands — thick or thin depending on the look you're going for — and painting them with a lightening agent before wrapping them in foil. This technique produces a much more controlled look than balayage.  Foiling highlights lets the stylist precisely know where the color is going and what shade of lightness will result for the overall look.



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Lowlights $110+:

Unlike highlights, which are lighter than the base strands, lowlights are darker strands of color that are woven into the hair. This process typically produces depth and adds contrast when hair becomes overly light and one-dimensionally colored from being highlighted repeatedly. General oxidation and/or fading can occur from regular highlighting, which is another reason someone might opt to even things out with lowlights.


  • Partial Highlights/Lowlights $110+
  • Full Highlight/Lowlights $130+
  • Full Color w/ Highlights/Lowlights $155+

At MOSS we care about the quality and well-being of our clients and their hair. MOSS uses ammonia-free cream lightener infused with organic essential oils and kukui butter.  This nourishing and non-aggressive lightener makes for added moisture and protects the hair and scalp for clean color results without any discomfort, breakage or damage.  

*All color services include a consultation, wash, blow dry and style*


Partial vs. Full Highlight

Whats the difference?